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Top Recommended Interior Designers

I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite sources for interior design––whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next home project or accounts to brighten up your social feed, these designers are sure to spark your creativity.

The Beauty Of Collagen

We’ve all heard of collagen in some form or another. Most of us probably think of collagen as the stuff older ladies inject into their skin to reduce the appearance of the dreaded wrinkle. However, collagen is actually much more complex and quite a bit more useful.

Getting Healthy & Warm with Infrared Saunas

An infrared sauna is similar to a traditional sauna in that it’s generally in a room and it is used to raise the temperature of your body, but that’s where the similarities end. Instead of using a heat source (usually coal) to heat the air as in a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna uses infrared panels or lamps to directly warm up your body. Infrared sauna lamps use electromagnetic radiation to safely penetrate deeper into your body than warmed air.

Celery Juice

In its raw vegetable form, celery is abundant in enzymes and antioxidants. It’s also filled with essential vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin K that help our body in various ways. Want to know the science behind the trend? Here is some of the research behind celery’s benefits.


Activated Charcoal is an extremely porous substance that absorbs chemicals and toxins. This unique feature is why activated charcoal is so important when it comes to health and beauty.


Maca has a ton of essential vitamins and minerals. Taking it a step further, recent scientific research shows that maca has nutritional, energizing and fertility-enhancing properties. Studies show that the maca root (generally consumed in powder form, but can also be found in capsules or as a liquid extract) has a slew of benefits for both men and women.