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Top Recommended Interior Designers

Top Recommended Interior Designers

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from starting a business and creating an office space, it’s that no day is ever the same. Last month, I needed to pick cabinetry and countertop colors for a vintage food trailer renovation while this week I found my desktop, once again, full of interior design images for our new office.

When looking up cabinetry colors, I asked you for your favorite interior design accounts and was flooded with responses! Now that I have finally made it through all your recommendations, I’m excited to share some of my favorites. If you think I may have missed a rockstar designer, please comment below with their social media handle or website!


Owner: Kate Arends
Location: St. Paul, MN

Kate might be my new obsession (in the least-creepy way possible). While she isn’t a titled interior designer, she considers herself a “strategic brand builder” and has extensive experience working alongside a variety of brands. Validated by a resume of impressive clients like Target, Madewell, Anthropologie, and Warby Parker, Kate’s superb taste speaks for itself. With a brand following of over 3.1M, Kate has been recognized by Good Housekeeping, The Today Show, Vogue, Martha Stewart Living and more.

While Kate’s beautifully curated Instagram feed caught my eye from the start, it was her story that sparked my lady crush. Her brand’s name “Wit & Delight” was inspired by “Kate’s experience of discovering and developing her own personal style – “Wit” is sharpness and quirkiness to the process, while “Delight” is finding the joy and the humor throughout each step.” Touché Kate, touché.


Owners: Kristen Grove
Location: Boise, ID

Founded just over ten years ago, Kirsten’s namesake blog has been consistently recognized and awarded by top interior publications such as Domino, Saveur, and Better Homes and Gardens. Additionally, she’s also collaborated with a number of majorly influential brands including West Elm, Target and Pottery Barn. Aside from running her blog, Kirsten is also a designer at the Boise, ID based studio We Three.

Kirsten’s style has an undeniable flair. She isn’t afraid to incorporate bold colors and attention-fixating pieces into otherwise traditional spaces. Her Instagram feed is the perfect reflection of her eccentric aesthetic, complete with rosy tones and eye-catching decor.


Owners: Syd & Shea McGee
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

This dynamic couple was the #1 most recommended interior design account from my questionnaire. Syd and Shea specialize in full-service interior design, ranging from complete remodels to intricate room-specific redesign. The Studio McGee blog stands apart from traditional interior design sites. Aside from their portfolio of past projects, the Salt Lake City duo also provides extensive resources for designing tips, how-to’s, and styling suggestions each showcased within their blog posts and weekly web series.

If you’re looking for further inspiration, their blog series “The Sunday 7” provides a weekly round-up of coveted styles expanding well beyond interiors.


Owner: April Tomlin
Location: Nashville, TN

Most noted for her mission to redefine southern design, April takes a clever twist on the classic, minimalist design. While her taste is certainly refined and elegant, she manages to bring tastefully cheeky flavor to any traditional space. Co-designing Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James flagship store in Nashville is among one of April’s noteworthy projects. As a mother of two, April’s appreciation for comfort and functionality is reflected within her designs.


Location: Portland, OR

Coming from my neck of the woods, Jessica Helgerson has yet to showcase a project that I haven’t loved. While her work has a strong mid-century modern feel, she effortlessly adapted this style to the refined features of the space. Between her features in both the New York Times and Architectural Digest, her talent surely hasn’t gone unnoticed. Jessica is the designer you can bring to work and take home.


Owner: Liz Bachman
Location: Denver, CO

Much like her style, Liz’s website is wonderfully crisp and appealing. After designing Level’s website for a few months now, I can fully appreciate when someone does it right. Aside from her stellar site, I chose Grey & Scout because of her innate ability to blend modern design without losing the comfort of one’s home.





Kayla Pongrac
Instagram: @iron.ivory

Gatehouse No. 1
Instagram: @gatehouseno1

Natalie Ensor
Instagram: @takethecannoli_

Melissa + James McCullough
Instagram: @trademarkhomes

Shelby - Urban Grey Home
Instagram: @urbangreyhome

Alyssa Kapito
Instagram: @alyssakapitointeriors

Orlando Soria
Instagram: @mrorlandosoria

Mac Kauer
Instagram: @mkauerco

Jenny Komenda
Instagram: @jennykomenda

Brian Patrick Flynn
Instagram: @bpatrickflynn

Nina Williams
Instagram: @ninawilliamsblog

Noelle Ryan
Instagram: @noelleryaninteriors

Ashley Stark
Instagram: @ashleytstark

Susan Strauss
Instagram: @susanstraussdesign

Becki Owens
Instagram: @beckiowens

Shannon Ponciano
Instagram: @ponciano.design

Megan Papworth + Dawn Terry
Instagram: @einteriors.design

Whittney Parkinson
Instagram: @whittneyparkinson

Angela Rose
Instagram: @Angelarosehome

Dawn Reeves
Instagram: @dawnreevesdesign



The Grey Interiors
Instagram @thegreyinteriors

Room Porn
Instagram: @roomporn

1st Dibs
Instagram: @1stdibs

Modern Interior Design
Instagram: @modern_interiordesign

Rustic Meets Modern
Instagram: @rusticmeetsmodern

Inspire Me Home Decor
Instagram: @inspire_me_home_decor



Serie 7
Instagram: @serie7co

Interior Define
Instagram: @Interiordefine


If you think I missed a ROCKSTAR interior designer, leave a comment below with their social media handle or website!

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